Great Northeastern War 2019

Stonemarche Sides with Endewearde

At the Great Northeastern War, the Barony of Stonemarche sided with Endewearde against the clandestine shenanigans of Ravensbridge.

The forces of Endewearde and Ravensbridge (and their respective allies) were evenly matched, and everyone agreed that honor was satisfied.

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Full Text:

KEZIAH & DEIRDRE, who by the grace of their Majesties Wilhelm & Vienna are rightful Baron & Baroness Stonemarche, Defenders of the College of Knotting Cross and also Protectors of the People of Giggleswick, do publish and give knowledge by this our proclamation to all manner of subjects living within and without these parts, the following:

Whereas the Baron & Baroness of Endewearde have been suddenly & rudely accosted by the Riding of Ravensbridge, the latter having engaged in clandestine shenanigans, and

Whereas the people of Ravensbridge, being subordinate to a Province called Malagentia, have not the benefit of a landed baron, by whose wisdom and authority the prospect of bloodshed might have been avoided, and

Whereas Endewearde did come to the aid of Stonemarche at the great Pennsic War regarding an issue of campsite plumbing, and

Whereas plumbing is a delicate matter of both honor and dignity,

Therefore does the Barony of Stonemarche declare military alliance with her esteemed cousins Endewearde against the conspiracy of Ravensbridge.

If Ravensbridge does not henceforth renounce all claim to Endeweardean lands, Stonemarche is prepared to help defend her allies at Hebron upon the field of honor upon Saint Mildred’s day, anno societatis LIV.

In witness whereof have we here set our sign manual upon this Saint Elstan’s day, a.s. LIII.

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