In the Beginning

Southern New Hampshire was originally settled as the Shire of Branswatch in AS 12 (1981). Eventually, Branswatch was replaced by four independent groups: the Canton of Anrhyfedd’d in AS 13 (1982), the Shire of Belle Rive in AS 14 (1983), the Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir in AS 14 (1983), and the Riding of Caer Penbledd in AS 15 (1984).

When the Canton of Anrhyfedd’d dissolved in 1986, the Kingdom Seneschal ceded its land to Vatnaskvadstadir. Vatnaskvadstadir and Belle Rive contemplated how best to divide the land of Anrhyfedd’d, but after discussion with the people of Caer Penbledd, the three groups decided to join together and form a Barony.

Further discussion was had, and on October 3rd, 1987, their Majesties Randal and Marieke invested Morgan Arianblaidd and Megan ni Laine as the founding Baron and Baroness of Stonemarche.

Line of Succession

1987-10-03Morgan and Megan
1997-02-01Harold and Megan
2003-06-14Xavier and Maria
2014-01-26Dorio and Jocelyn
2019-01-27Keziah and Deirdre


Per chevron vert and argent, three castles within a laurel wreath, all within a bordure invected counterchanged.

  • The green and white field division represents New Hampshire’s White Mountains and Northern Forests.
  • The border is a visual play on the name “Stonemarche”. A “marche” is a border area, such as between England and Scotland or Wales. Therefore our device has a stone marche.
  • The laurel wreath is a symbol for a regional group within the SCA.
  • The three castles represent the Shire of Belle Rive, the Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir, and the Riding of Caer Penbledd, uniting to form the Barony of Stonemarche in 1987.


Calligraphy & Illumination by Harold von Auerbach

“The Barony of Stonemarche, bounded on the east by the Shire of Malagentia and the Mer Atlanticus, to the north by the Shire of I’lle du Dragon Dormant, to the west by the Shire of Smughandel and the Provence of Mountain Freehold, and to the south by the Barony of Carolingia, and the Shires of Quintavia and Bergental was created on the 3rd day of October, a.s. XXII by their Majesties Randal and Marieke.”

… But what is “Giggleswick“?

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