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Stonemarche Protectorate

From times ancient beyond all memory or record, the people of Giggleswick have inhabited the southern region of Malagentia, mundanely corresponding to the southern half of York County, Maine.

For many years, the people of Giggleswick suffered under the yoke of Provincial Malagentia, whose officers would scold them for imaginary crimes and confiscate their mead. But Giggleswickians are a proud race, and cannot by nature submit overlong to tyranny.

So it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from King Gregor II that the whole kingdom should be registered. During the “Great Zip Code Search” of AS 29, Seneschal Andre of Branswatch declared in bold fashion (some say accidental) that Stonemarche included all zip codes beginning with “03”.

Fatefully, and unlike the rest of Maine, the zip codes of Giggleswick also began with “03”.

Unwilling to let a legitimate pretext go to waste, their Excellencies Stonemarche declared war on Malagentia, effective April 1st, AS 29.

Sadly, the declaration of war was delivered in Pig Latin. Malagentia didn’t realize they were under attack until the following Thursday, and Stonemarche was forced to declare victory by default.

Malagentia then reclaimed Giggleswick by force of arms at the Great Northeastern War, only to be confounded by Lady Elen Alsvid of Eriskay, a prominent Giggleswickian, who subsequently declared fealty to Stonemarche on behalf of her people.

Only His Majesty, Gregor II, King of the East could settle the dispute, and in his infinite wisdom gave a Royal Edict: that Malagentia shall own the land, and Stonemarche shall own its people.

To this day, the Baronage of Stonemarche claim the title, Protectors of the People of Giggleswick, although successors to Gregor II have yet to expressly renew the edict…

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