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Baronial Newsletter:
  Carved in Granite

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Officers of the Barony

Dorio of the Oaks

Jocelyn del Espada

Speak for the Barony and rally those who live here; Judge and jury for issues.

Lady Alexandra of Silverwood
   Deputies: Lady Tomyris of Stonemarche & Baroness Maria Pagani

[President] Chief Administrative Officer; Responsible for coordinating the activities of the local group and overseeing the other Officers; Reports to the Kingdom Seneschal.

Granite Pursuivant:
Edgithe Hlammandi

[Hearld] The voice of the Barony at court and events; Responsible for all heraldic matters such as name and device submissions, public announcements and court protocol; Maintains the records of any awards or titles bestowed upon fellow members.

Knight Marshal:
Lord Eben Hardrada
   Deputy: Open

In charge of armored or "heavy List" (rattan) fighter training, safety on the combat field, and enforcing the rules and regulations.

Chancellor of the Exchequer:
Lady Fionnghualla inghen Mhic Cailleagh
   Deputy: Open

[Treasurer/Reeve] Responsible for the financial affairs for the group.

Lady Tegwen fetch Cydifor ap Bleddyd
   Deputy: Open

Publishes the newsletter, maintains and updates the mailing and phone list, and prints any flyers or announcements needed by the Barony.

Minister of Lists:
Lord Michael De Calis
   Deputy: Open

Organizes fighters in the list (the fighting field); Checks that only authorized fighters enter tournaments, arranges the format of combat (eg. single elimination, round robin), and keeps track of who wins each bout and the overall tournament.

Minster of A&S:
Lady Astridr Saegeirsdottir
   Deputy: Open

Encourages members to research, teach, and practice historically accurate arts and crafts (garb-making, singing, music, armouring, etc).
Lady Anjuili Foljambe
   Deputy: Evan Ringo

[Hospitaler] Responsible for welcoming new members and introducing them to the Societies activities and customs.

Captain of Archers:
Lord Cameron and Lord Osmond de Berwic

[Archery Marshal] Organizes light combat training and other activities involving light combat (competition archery, axe and javelin throwing, war machine construction and use.
Captain of Fencers:
Lord Brian of Stonemarche

[Fencing Marshal] In charge of rapier or "light weapons" (fencing) fighter training, safety on the combat field, and enforcing the rules and regulations.

Lady Tessa Martini D'Augustino

Steward of Baronial Property
Chancellor Minor:
Seeking candidates for this position

[Minister of Children] Oversees the affairs/activities of our youngest members.
Gold Key:
Lady Ælfthryth the Cat

Keeper of Loaner garb for use by new individuals in the Barony until they can get their own garb.
Web Minister:
Lady Syszczyna "Zenya" z Piszczatki
   Deputy: Seeking candidates

Publishes and maintains the website and online calendar.


Baron's Heavy List Champion:
Lord Bregowine of Horseheath

Baroness's Heavy List Champion:
Lord Alton Hewes

The Baron's Heavy List Champion is the winner of the Annual Champions Tournament. The Baroness's champion is a fighter chosen by her Excellency, usually with the advice of the ladies at the tournament.

Baroness's Archery Champion:
Lady Cailleach Dhe Clannach

Baron's Archery Champion:
Lord Gregor McLaughlin

 The Archery champions are chosen to serve a year and a day at a tournament ran by the outgoing champions. The Baroness's champion is the winner of the annual tournament.

Baron's Rapier Champion:
Lord Lucien de Wyntere

Baroness's Rapier Champion:
Gerhardt von Hohensee

The Baron's Rapier champion is the winner of the Annual Rapier Champion's Tourney. The Baronessa's Champion is the runner up.

Baron's Thrown Weapons Champion:
Ian Reid-McGaffin

The Baron's Thrown Weapons champion is the winner of the Annual Thrown Weapons Tournament held at Harper's Retreat.

Golden Sword:
Knuttir Dottin


Annually at the Midsummer's Faire in Stonemarche, a Golden Sword Tournament is held. One novice fighter (fighting less than 12 months and not fought at Pennsic) is chosen by the veteran fighters as showing the greatest potential.

Golden Foil:
Ulfric Volundevson

Golden Arrow:
Bogdan of Novogorod


Lord of the Dance:
Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode


Signet Clerk:
Master Harold von Auerbach and Lady Cassendra Hobbes


Shire Reeve of Nottingham:
Keiron Longstrider


Court Performer:
Lady Keziah Planchette





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