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Baronial Law and Policy

Barony of Stonemarche - Policies and Procedures

Baron and/or Baroness Candidate Selection Process:

If there are any questions as to the details or implementation of this process or if any ambiguous situation arises during this process the baronial great officers have the ultimate authority to interpret the law and make a ruling.

The great officers are chaired by the Seneschal and include, in order or seniority, the Seneschal, Herald, Marshal, Exchequer, Chronicler, Minster of A&S, Minster of lists and Chatelaine.

If any of the great officers have a conflict of interest they should recuse themselves from voting on any specific ruling where they have a conflict. If the chair has a conflict the next senior officer will become temporarily the chair.

Once it is known that The Baron and/or Baroness wish to step down the seneschal shall place a call for nominations in the Carved in Granite at a minimum. A notice should also be made at events and in local mailing lists & other electronic media.

The nominations will be taken in the form of a written letter or e-mail.
The nominating period shall be open at least one month from the time it is published in the Carved in Granite.
The nominations can be either for a Baron and Baroness as a pair or for a singleton Baron or Baroness. Singleton nominations will not be paired. If elected they would stand alone as Baron or Baroness.
Any interested party may make a nomination.
As the nominations come in the seneschal will contact each nominees to determine if they meet the minimum requirements as stated in Kingdom law and to see if they wish to accept the nomination. The nominations shall be open knowledge and any interested party may inquire of the seneschal who has been nominated and if they have accepted. This information will be made publicly available on e-mail lists and in CiG if time permits.

If the Seneschal is nominated and accepts he will pass this duty and other duties outlined here onto a designated deputy.

Those who accept nomination will provide a resume of their SCA activities to be published in the next Carved in Granite. They may publish them in other places as well at their desire.

Within one month of the nomination deadline the seneschal will make arrangements for a mini event. The purpose of the event is for the candidates to meet and discuss their candidacy with the populous. The mini event will occur within three months of the nomination deadline. This will be a free event sponsored by the Barony.

At the event the seneschal will distribute and collect ballots from all interested attendees who are 14 year of age or older.

Those voting on this ballot will select their three top candidates, or pair of candidates.

The seneschal will maintain a list of those who voted at the meeting.

Those not attending may vote by mail but must be a registered member living in the barony and 14 year of age or older. A photocopy of their membership card must accompany the ballot. The ballot will be published in the Carved in Granite. The ballot must be signed to be valid.

The deadline for mailed in ballots will be within two week of the mini event.

After the deadline for mailed ballots the seneschal and at least one other great officer will then total up all of the votes. The three highest vote getters will then be put on the official polling for selecting the new Baron and/or Baroness. After the votes are tallied the ballots will be sealed in an envelop and sent to the northern region seneschal.

In the event that there are fewer then three nominations, the mini event and balloting are redundant and may be skipped.

In the event of any tie, the list of candidates can be expanded to four to allow for the tie to be resolved.

Note: Any officers who are on the final polling need to resign in order to continue being a candidate



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