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Baronial Law and Policy

Barony of Stonemarche - Policies and Procedures


Baronial Officer Selection Procedure:

1.   Outgoing officers announce their desire to step down by publishing a notice of the vacancy in Carved in Granite.

2.   Potential Candidates must contact the Seneschal and outgoing officer. In the case of the Seneschal stepping down, they are to contact the Outgoing Seneschal, the Chronicler and the Landed Baron and Baroness.

3.   Candidates talk to the Seneschal and the out going officer to determine the requirements of the position, and whether the candidate(s) possess the minimum qualifications to successfully hold the position. In the case of the Seneschal stepping down, the Outgoing Seneschal and Landed Baron and Baroness will determine if the candidate is qualified

4.   The names of qualified candidates and/or a letter of intent from the candidate(s) are published in Carved In Granite. Only in the case of the Seneschal is a letter of intent required.

5.   Once the qualified candidatesí names have been published in Carved in Granite, anyone who wishes to send commentary on the candidates should contact the Seneschal and outgoing officer. In the case of Seneschal commentary should be sent to the Outgoing Seneschal, Chronicler and Landed Baron and Baroness.

6.   In the case of only one qualified candidate, an announcement of that fact is made at Curia. If there is no dissenting voice at Curia, the Candidate takes the office. In the case of a voice of dissent, a motion for a vote is called and if seconded then a vote is required. The Seneschal shall call a vote and voting shall be determined as outlined in the Baronial Voting section. The mechanics of polling the eligible voters shall be determined at the discretion of the Seneschal. In the case where a local officer is required by Kingdom Law to be warranted or approved by their Kingdom superior, the officerís replacement does not become official until the Kingdom superior has given their approval.

7.   In the case of more than one candidate, an announcement of the candidates is made at Curia, and the candidates or other members of the Curia may speak. The Seneschal shall call a vote and voting shall be determined as outlined in the Baronial Voting section. The mechanics of polling the eligible voters shall be determined at the discretion of the Seneschal. Voting will continue until a single candidate has received a majority of eligible votes.

Baronial Officer Terms:

1.   All terms have a duration of two years. An individual may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

2.   For purposes of determining expiration dates of terms, the officers have been divided into two groups, whose terms expire on alternate years:

      a.   Group One: Exchequer, Chronicler, Knight Marshal, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Chancellor Minor, Fencing Marshal, and Keeper of Gold Key.

      b.   Group Two: Seneschal, Granite Pursuivant, Chatelaine, Minister of the Lists, Chamberlain, Captain of Archers, and Web Minister.

3.   Terms for the groups will expire as follows:

      a.   Group One: March Curia of odd years

      b.   Group Two: March Curia of even years.

         i.   For the 2004 selection, only the Exchequer, Chronicler and Minister of Arts and Sciences need to announce, as the others all changed this year.

4.   Prior to the expiration of their term, officers will take the following steps:

      a.   December 20: Submit an announcement for publication in Carved in Granite informing the populace that the term is expiring, and whether or not they wish to serve another term. Also notify the seneschal.

      b.   The Chronicler publishes all announcements and/or letters of intent in the January Carved in Granite.

      c.   Interested candidates, including the incumbent if appropriate, send in resumes and/or letters of intent, as specified in the Officer Selection Procedures.

      d.   Candidates names are published for comment in the February Carved in Granite.

      e.   At the March Curia officers are chosen to fill those positions whose terms are ending, as specified in the Officer Selection Procedures.

      f.   Newly selected officers will be formally presented to the Landed Baron and Baroness as the first available event following the March Curia.

5.   If an officer steps down prior to the normal end of their term, the following procedures apply:

      a.   The Drop Dead Deputy for the office will take over and begin the officer selection process. If the Drop Dead Deputy is willing to continue in the office, Curia may choose to wait until the normal end of the original officerís term.

      b.   The new officerís term will expire at the end of the current term if more than a year remains in the current term.

         i.   If less than a year remains to be served on the current term, the newly selected officer will continue in the office through the end of the next term.

Limitations on Officers and Their Deputies:

1.   Any person holding the position of Drop-Dead Deputy must be willing to take over the office till the standard process can be used for selection.

      a.   An individual may serve as a drop-dead deputy to no more than one office at a time, unless an exception is granted by Curia.

2.   No individual may hold multiple offices, or hold the position of Drop-Dead Deputy to any office while also holding another office, unless an exception is granted by Curia.

3.   Other types of deputies are not restricted.

Grievance Procedure:

Discussion occurred as to whether a grievance procedure needed to be defined. It was decided that having regularly expiring terms of office, in conjunction with the procedures already in place at the Kingdom and Society levels, should be sufficient to handle any likely problems.

Revision History:
  • January 10, 2014 - New officer announcement and presentation timing corrected.
  • August 10, 2014 - Closed office removed from document.


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