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Baronial Law and Policy

Barony of Stonemarche - Policies and Procedures


Amended 11/7/03

Baronial Voting Method:

1.   Eligibility to vote as part of Curia within the Barony of Stonemarche shall be based on attendance at prior Curiae. Attendance at 3 out of the last 10 Curiae is required. Additionally to vote at Curia the individual must be 14 years of age or older. Membership within SCA, Inc is not a requirement.

2.   If an individual is unable to attend a Curia session in which they wish to have their vote noted, an absentee ballot provided to the Seneschal in writing will be accepted. The individual must meet the same attendance and age requirements as for voting in person, in order for their vote to count. Absentee ballots are only valid for questions previously announced in Carved In Granite.

3.   Attendance records will be taken during Curia by the Office of the Seneschal who shall maintain said records,

4.   Records are to be available to individuals for review at Curia.