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Our History

In the Beginning

Originally the Southern part of the area known in the quotidian world as New Hampshire was settled as the Shire of Branswatch in AS 12 (1981 C.E.). Eventually Branswatch was replaced by four other groups; the Canton of Anrhyfeddôd in AS 13 (1982 C.E.); the Shire of Belle Rive, in AS 14 (1983 C.E.); the Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir AS 14 (1983 C.E.); and the Riding of Caer Penbledd AS 15 (1984 C.E.).

When the Canton of Anrhyfeddôd was disolved in AS 17 the Kingdom Senechal ceeded the lands to the Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir as he stepped down from office. At the time, Vatnaskvadstadir, and Bell Rive were negotiating between themselves to determine how to divide the lands of Anrhyfeddôd. After much negotiation, and conferences with the people of Caer Penbledd the three groups decided to join together and form a Barony.

Further meetings took place to decide the name of the new Barony, its arms and choose the founding Baron and Baroness. On October 4th AS 18 (1987 C.E.) the Barony of Stonemarche was officially created. Morgan Arianblaidd and Megan Laine were invested as the founding Baron and Baroness by of Randall I and Marieke I.

The Barony of Stonemarche

(Per chevron vert and argent three castles within a laurel wreath all with in a boudure invected counterchanged.)

  • New Hampshire's White Mountains and Northern Forests represented by the green and white field division;
  • the border represents the 'Granite State' [A marche is a border area like between England and Scotland or Wales. Therefore our device has a stone marche :) ];
  • the Laurel Wreath for Stonemarche being a territory of the SCA;
  • and the three castles representing the Shire of Belle Rive, Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir and the Riding of Caer Penbledd uniting to form the Barony.



    Shire of Branswatch
    (Paly of eight vert and argent, on a chief triangular vert a laurel wreath argent.)

    Canton of Anrhyfeddôd
    (Per fess invected, azure and argent, a snowflake and a laurel wreath counterchanged)

    Shire of Belle Rive
    (Argent, a bend wavy between a laurel wreath and a bearded man's head couped vert;)

    Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir

    (Per chevron azure and argent, a laurel wreath between three pine trees couped counterchanged.)

    Riding of Caer Penbledd

    (Argent, in pale a wolf's head caboshed sable and four roses in chevron inverted gules, slipped and leaved, all within a laurel wreath vert)


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