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In Stonemarche we are constantly having practices, classes, gatherings, and meetings of one sort and another. Some are formal and some are informal. We are always looking forward to meeting new people interested in the SCA, so don't be shy if you want to join us! You can find out what's going on right now on our Calendar.

As well as visiting our neighboring groups for events like Panteria, Great Northeastern War, Boredom War, and others, we host a number of events ourselves.


A Market Day at Birka

Usually held the last weekend of January or the first in February, the Birka event is one greatly anticipated by the East Kingdom as a hallmark to the coming event season. Birka is held in a hotel in Manchester, NH and resembles more of a Con (convention) than a typical SCA event as we wander throughout the hotel mingling with the "normals". Fighters throughout the region flock to Birka for its famous Bear-pit Tournament. The ballrooms are taken over with fencing, youth fighting, fashion shows, Arts and Sciences classes, and lots and lots of shopping for this one day event! In the evening after Baronial and Royal court we can found in the hotel bar, restaurants, and catching up with old friends in every pocket of the hotel.

Palio di Stonemarche (was Midsummers Faire)
Palio di Stonemarche WebSite

A springtime weekend event held in the Hopkinton Fair Grounds in Contoocook, New Hampshire. It is a large facility with large expanses of flat, grassy areas for camping. There is running water, flush toilets, and showers available on site. We have access to a number of large buildings that we can use to hold portions of the event should the weather turn against us. Activities include an equestrian competition, tournaments of fun and skill in archery, fence and sword. Children's activities, an Arts & Science Exhibit, shopping, a barrel race, spindle and cheese roll, and a parade. Come join us in the fun! Day board, (lunch on Saturday) is included..

Old Event Announcements:

Palio di Stonemarche Event Announcment - June 2011

Harpers Retreat

Bardic circles and competitions, classes, archery, fighting, camping, and feasting galore on this Summer weekend. Please see the East Kingdom WebSite for further info.

Baronial Ball / Birthday

The Baronial Birthday is recognized as the First Weekend of October and when an event falls on or around this time, we celebrate the Birthday of the Barony. This event generally includes a pot luck feast and the Baronial Champion tournaments for Fencing and Heavy List. Please see the East Kingdom WebSite for further info.


The December Yule Event is traditionally an event focusing on the children of the Barony. At this event the activities are setup to entertain the children and/or bring out the child inside everyone. The Baron and Baroness will hold an infomal court, where they may choose to recoginze all the childern.


We hold both indoor and outdoor (depending on the weather) Fighter, Archery, Fencing, and all sorts of other practices. You can find out what's going on right now on our Calendar.


There are many different types of gatherings held throughout the month. From Brewers, Dabblers, Gesters , and Musicians Guilds meetings; to Craftnights and classes of all kinds. Don't be shy if you want to join us! You can find out what's going on right now on our Calendar.


The Baronial Curia is the business meeting ran by the Seneschal (the Local Club President) and consists of all memebers and friends of the Barony. At the meeting, Officers report on what is happening, the Finance Committee reports on what actions it has taken, Event Reports are given, new events are proposed. If anyone has new business before the curia or wishes to propose a site to host Curia please email the Seneschal.

Curia rotates between Friday's and Sunday's and around the Barony, garb is not required for Curia.


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