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Arms of Stonemarche

Mistress A'isha bint Jamil - Per chevron inverted vert and argent, an oak tree couped and blasted and a stag's head caboshed counterchanged

Lady Agnieszka Mlynarska - Argent, three chevronels braced and on a chief wavy purpure, a rabbit courant argent

Mistress Aine Callaghan - Or, a seadog rampant and on a chief wavy gules, a three arched bridge Or

Baroness Ailis ighean Muirgen of Derrybawn - Argent, three chevronels braced and on a chief embattled vert, three wolf's heads caboshed argent

Lady Amethysta of Kensington - Per saltire argent and sable, a roundel counterchanged and on a chief purpure three roses argent

Lady Anastasia of the Oaks - Or, a cross vert fretty argent between four weaver's tablets azure

Lord Andre of Branswatch - Per chevron sable and vert, a stags attire Or, and in chief a mullet argent

Lady Anjuli Foljambe - Azure, two maple leaves in chevron inverted conjoined at the stem argent

Lord Anson Gleowyn - Gyronny of eight azure and argent, within a bordure charged with roundels all counterchanged

Lord Anthony Reese Per pale sable and argent, an escarbuncle counterchanged

Countess Arastorm the Golden - Gules, a seme of serpents involved Or

Sir Arthur (Artorius) Watson - Per fess argent and vert an oaktree eraticted countechanged

Lady Astryda Borowska - Vert, on a pale between two mullets of eight points argent, a peacock's plume vert, eyed and shafted azure

Lord Averril Danielson - Argent a foxes mask purpure and on a chief purpure three caltrops argent

Lord Avram ben Jacob ha-Yansulf - Argent, an owl's head caboshed azure

Baron Blosgaidh O'Ghabhain - Or, a wyvern erect reguardant holding in its dexter claw a hammer and on a chief indented azure three hammers Or.

Mistress Branwyn Mwrheyn - Per saltire Or and vert, a Maltese cross counterchanged

Mistress Brianna Yseulte Wynman - Per pale gules and sable, on a chevron embattled Or, between three ivy leaves argent, two foxes courant respectant sable

Lady Bruinnech Longstrider - Azure, a spindle and on a  bordure argent, seme of mullets of six azure

Lord Calum Friseal - Gules, a horse rampant barry Or and sable, within a bordure embattled Or

Camille Leon - Gules a camel leapard rampant argent marked sable

Lady Catherine Peacock - Azure, a peacock in its pride within a bordure invected Or.

Lord Cearnach of Stonemarche - Vert, on a bend sinister between two turtles Or, a turtle vert

Ceri filia Reys
- Azure a dragon dormant and in chief three mullets argent

Lady Ceri of Carmarthen - Per pale azure and argent, two martlets respectant counterchanged

Charlie of Giggleswick - Per fess purpure and azure a bar wavy Or

Ciarnait inghean Bhroin - Azure, a chevron vert fimbriated Or between three caravels argent

Lord Claus of Burzee
- Gules, a fess invected conjoined in chief with a demi pale invected argent

Lord Coenric of Scarborough Marsh - Per bend sinister argent and azure, a bend ragully between two owls counterchanged

Lady Collach O Choda
- Or, a female sagittarius salient sable, the human Caucasian torso proper

Lord Connor MacLean
- Vert, a wolf standant contourny and on a chief indented argent, three caltrops vert

Lord Cormac Longstrider - A gyrony azure and argengt overall an open book argent with a black cover

Lord Dafydd "uck" O'Nuanllain - Per fess azure and vert, in fess two pheons conjoined at the point Or within a bordure Or.

Lady Dierdra O'Connell - Quarterly Or and gules four swans niant to sinister counterchanged sable and argent

Lord Dikran Dikranian - Per fess sable and argent, in pale a balance conjoined with a balance inverted counterchanged

Maestro Dorio of the Oaks
- Azure, a chevron ploye cotised and in base a pelcina in it piety argent.

Dunstan de Argentine
- Sable, a moon in her complement between three lozenges argent

Lady Elen Alswyth of Eriskay
- Argent, three passion nails and on a chief indented gules, an estoile of seven rays argent

Master Elric of Erehwon - Per pale sable and argent, in base a mullet between in pile two lightning flashes counterchanged

Faoiltiarn of Loughrea - Per bend sinister purpure and Or an annulet and a horse salient counterchanged

Lady Fine ni Bhlosgaidh - Purpure, fretty and on a chief Or, three shuttles palewise purpure

Gwenhevare de Lacy -
Per pale vert and argent, in pale a lucy niant and a rose both counterchanged

Lady Gwynedd of Allendorf
- Argent, a unicorn rampant gules, and on a chief sable, three dramatic masks Or

Lord Heinrich von Auerbach aus Ulm
- Per fess sable and argent, a stag's head erased within a bordure dovetailed, both counterchanged

Baron Harold von Auerbach - Vert, a bat winged boar salient argent

Lord Ian Gunn - Per pale argent and azure, a saltire dovetailed counterchanged within a bordure Or, seme of gunstones

Lady Ina Rowena of the Mist - Per bend sinister azure and argent, five acorns in annulo Or, and a natural leopard couchant sable

Lord James Edmund of Aberedw - Azure, a dexter hand in benidiction argent, and on a chief engrailed argent, three decrescents azure

Joseph le Pykard - Per bend sinister argent and sable, a boar's head caboshed within a bordure counterchanged

Lord Joshua of Allendorf
- Azure, on a pale between two arrows palewise Or, a lute palewise azure

Lord Juan Lázaro Ramirez Xavier - Or, a furison gules, a bordure gules bezanty.

Lord Kari Stormeye - Per chevron ermine and sable, three griffins segreant counterchanged

Lady Katherine Fletcher of Stonemarche - Per pale Or and azure, in fess a cubit arm maintaining an arrow palewise inverted sable conjoined in chevron inverted to another maintaining an arrow palewise Or

Lord Kenhelm of Tintangel - Argent three fern branches vert and on a chief dovetailed sable three mullets argent

Lord Kieran Longstrider - Quartery vert and argent, a compass star between four open books counterchanged

Lord Madog Tellier - Vert a talbot  hound rampant and on a chief Or two broad arrows vert

Lord Marcel d'Armand - Vert, two lozenges in bend within  a bordure Or

Lord Marcks von Fleckenstien
- Vert, a turtle rampant Or

Lady Maria Pagani - Purpure an escarbuncle Or within a bordure Or semy-de-lys purpure

Lady Marie José de Champain - Name and device. Argent, a lute in profile and on a chief azure three fleurs-de-lys argent. 

Lady Megan Douglas - Per chevron azure and argent, two cauldrons Or, and a domestic cat couchant sable

Baroness Megan Laine
- Per fess azure and vert, in chief an open book argent, and in base three fleurs-de-lys all within a bordure engrailed Or

Lord Michael de Calais - Per pale gules and argent, a horse rampant and in base three horseshoes one and two counterchanged

Vicount Morbrin Two Tigers
- Sable two bengal tigers combatant maintaning a sword in their right forepaws and in chief an estoile of six all within a bordure rayoney Or

Morgan Nightbear -
Per fess argent and azure, a longbow fesswise and a bear counterchanged

Njal Virtanen
- Per saltire sable and argent, four hammers counterchanged

Lady Rhiannon Dhubh -
Azure, a wolf statant guardant ermine, in chief a plate

Lord Robert atte Quill - Per bend sable and Or, in bend three quill pends bendwise sinister counter-changed

Lady Sabina Portinari
- Argent, on a pale gules between four roses proper, a sword argent

Lord Seosamh O'Choda
- Or, a pale purpure, between a cauldron sable and a heart gules

Lord Stefan Hochreiter -
Per bend dancetty sable and Or, two caltrops counterchanged

Lord Stephen of Silverforge
- Argent, on a pale cotised between two swords inverted azure, in pale a mullet and a sword inverted argent

Lord Simric Mailweaver - Azure a cubit arm grasping three arrows fesswise Argent, issuant from a ford proper, and a chief wavy argent maily sable

Lady Sunniva Ormstung
- Sable, a dragon segant reguardant, wings displayed and tail nowed to base, and in chief a demi-sun Or

Lord Toriijima Tsuru Tohaku
- Purpure, a saltire parted and fretted argent between four plates

Lord Tyrvi rotinn
- Or, three closed fetterlockes in bend sable



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